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How can I make it compatible to certain protocol if it doesn’t exist in base package?

Just inform us, and feed us as many information as you can about the required protocol and our team is ready to integrate any subsystem into your package. It is our interest too.

Which is the preferred database system?

During development we used PostgreSQL and MySQL too but we switched to using H2. No database manager is needed to install

How large systems can be integrated?

Using simulated and on-site (field) tests we haven’t found any limitation in size until now. Without any doubt the hardware and network background are important components when you plan the project. You can highly increase the power of the application if you use large amount of RAM (2-8GB), because we use an enhanced caching technology that requires solid RAM background.

Can the scripts cause any failure in the system?

Scripting is the most powerful feature of SIWENOID. It’s a weapon in the hand of an expert. API allows a deep access to the objects of Java code. Thus it is possible to intervent to program flow, and buggy scripts can cause suprises. But in many case it is just enough to copy templates, and to use well tested codes. Online help, tutorial, and sample codes help the engineers not to break the laws. And we are also ready to support you any time. Just send your script by e-mail and we check it…

Is it possible to use the training (datapoint simulation) features while the communication to the subsystems is online?

Yes, it’s possible. When you simulate a certain status of a datapoint then you simply stimulate the object representation of a datapoint. This is also what the communication protocol do. The simulation and the communication protocol can reach datapoint objects simultaneously without any restriction.

Is there any difference beetween installation under Linux or Windows?

Siwenoid is a Java development. Java in most respect hides the differences between operating systems. Only minor (OS specific) differences occur that the installer should take care of. For example returning from screensaver in case of an event is implemented differently in Linux and Windows. But if you use our installer wizard, then it takes care of everything. Manual installation requires a minimal experience.

Is it possible to mix operating systems in one system?

Yes, naturally. Siwenoid is 100% a client-server and networked architecture. After installation the client and server are communicating on standard TCP/IP network. And it totally hides the differences beetwen operating systems.

What is the minimum required TCP/IP network bandwidth?

ADSL connection with approx. 5Mbit/s is already enough. But the preferred minimum is 10Mbit/s. Best evidence is our demo server. You can connect to it with our free client. Our server’s internet connection is now limited to 10Mbit/s bandwidth.

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