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Siwenoid V2 building management software Built on the success of its predecessor and optimised for the newest trends in the fire prevention and access control industry. After years of development we released Siwenoid V2 in September 2017. Key features of Siwenoid V2 Dynamic, fast java application Server – client application with MySQL OS independent (Windows, […]

► The english version can be read here Egy 20.000 férőhelyes stadionban a tűzvédelem és a beléptetés vezérlés esszenciális szükség. A biztonsági szolgálatnak minden helyzetben át kell látnia a tűzjelzéseket és minden mozgást az objektum területén. Vész esetén azonnal képesnek kell lenniük a menekülési útvonalak megnyitására. A stadionban ezért LST tűzjelzők és Vanderbilt SPC behatolás érzékelő […]

► A cikk magyar verzióját itt olvashatja On a site as big as a 20.000 seat stadium fire protection and access control is a must. Security personnel must be fully aware of every movement and fire hazard in every situation. They must be ready to open and close zones instantly in case of emergency. They choose […]

Saving manpower and increase security transparency at Auchan The task was to visualize the alarms of the intrusion detection system so the security personnel could overlook the whole system at one glance, for increased transparency and to make their job easier.

MySQL Database Service is a fully managed database service that enables organizations to deploy cloud-native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. This brings many advantage in installation and in speed. The size of MySQL database engine is very small, so SIWENOID became more compact, coherent and reliable.

SNMP protocol


SNMP agent is implemented into SIWENOID. Each datapoint can be read by a third party SNMP manager. SIWENOID can also send trap messages to destination hosts. A certain set of datapoint or the entire hierarchy can be exported into a MIB file. This MIB file then can be read by a standard (3rd party) SNMP […]

Android app


New Android application has been released. It provides full functionality over the subsystem. Its GUI has all the equivalent interfaces like desktop application provides. Maps contain dynamic icons, and zoomable. Search function helps to find a certain datapoint in hierarchy. Many features make SIWENOID app unique on the market. We recommend for the following applications: […]

LST integration


LST fire alarm panel is popular in mid-sized installations and it’s designed as a modular system. For customer requirement we integrated it into SIWENOID. SIWENOID use serial interface (with device server) to communicate with it. The commissioning of a graphic management system become extremly easy and fast.

Paradox Evo192 is designed to be easy to use and the modular concept provides installers with labour-saving features that make expanding, installing and servicing these systems quick and convenient. Now it can be integrated in SIWENOID in such an easy way. SIWENOID use the PRT3 printer module and the ASCII protocol to communicate with the […]

Minimax FMZ5000 fire and extiguishing control panel integration has been released. Panel is connected to LAN or WAN using our device server. Datapoints are automatically imported from a list file of the panel tool. By using our software MINIMAX fire panel inegration is fast and easy.

Hot-standby feature


Hot-standby feature is available! For the highest reliability requirements we provide a parallel server solution. During normal operation the primary server is responsible for the subsystem- and client communication. Both server has SQL database and they are written simultaneously. If primary server fails the connection loss is detected by the secondary server and respective clients […]

Beaglebone solution


We provide a solution with a Beaglebone single board computer. Thanks to its Linux OS, entire SIWENOID can run on it. We use these conpact and energy efficient as servers. We use them for they have no moving parts, what makes them reliable. It can be installed in a control panel and supply power by […]

Auchan ordered the integration of their Siemens fire alarm panels, Siemens intrusion panels, and Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panels. Three different protocols are used for the communication. The systems work together in perfect harmony.

BACnet support


BACnet protocol is available. It is tested and optimized for integration of SIEMENS fire alarm panels. ( )

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