About Us

Welcome to the world of Siwenoid

Our company

Our company is a private held Hungarian corporation from Budapest with more than 10 years of experience in installing and servicing fire alarm, intrusion detection, CCTV systems and many more.

Our main product is the Siwenoid integrated security management software

We detected the need of a complete, integrated security system which can handle, oversee and manage various security standards and protocols together, so the users don’t have to choose between the most popular systems.

Siwenoid was first launched in 2008. Since then we constantly developing the system based on our customer’s needs, integrating new protocols, controls and more.

Currently there are more than 120 installations of the software in Hungary alone.

Our success is measured by our partners – like Budapest Ferihegy Airport, Paks Nuclear Power Plant and many more.

Their trust is our proof!

Our products

We developed (and constantly upgrading) a software to integrate all popular security system to a user friendly, informative and flexible solution what all security guard can use with confidence.

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