CCTV video matrix solution to drive monitor wall. Live and recorded pictures on the very same screen. Up to 64 video pictures on 6 monitors simultaneously. Interconnect 2 or more matrix to drive unlimited number of monitors. DVR/NVRs of different vendors are integrated. Best choice for PTZ and playback intensive applications in retail or casino.

Virtual Matrix can interact with SIWENOID Management System to popup verification pictures in case of fire or burglary events. Learn more SIWENIX in MEDIAWIKI documentation.

Key features:

  • Multi protocol: different DVR-s can be integrated (e.g. HikVision, Wavestore, NUUO)
  • Multi control: two or more joysticks (HID device) can be used to control the matrix
  • Instant playback: simply click on the selected past time of time line at the bottom of screen and playback of selected channels start immediately.
  • Synchronous playback: two or more channels can be played back simultaneously.
  • Powerful: it can display 64 cameras images simultaneously on a monitor wall including 6 monitors. Two or more PC can be interconnected.
  • Dynamic: it is developed for PTZ and playback intensive usage, like retail or casino applications.

Hardware requirement: i7-3xxx CPU/ Z77 chipset / 8GB RAM / 64GB SSD / HD7750 Eyefinity graphics card

Nr.of video sources 96,128,256…extension dependent no limit
Nr.of video output 16,32,64… extension dependent min. 64
Nr.of pictures on 1 monitor up to 4×3 up to 5×4
Playback no yes
Instant playback no yes
Syncronous playback no yes
PTZ Pelco-D joystick any HID device
Map layout with cameras no yes
Interaction alarm dry contacts software implemented
Other applications no any Windows
Remote managament limited yes

SIWENIX security video matrix demonstration video

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